Friday, November 12, 2010

Sex and violence: Is this normal, and how to find someone who is into the same sexual kinks as you?

First off, a heads up. This will be graphic for some and may be upsetting. Only serious answers please.

I am fairly normal sexually, aside from some kinks. I'm quite the masochist at times. Not always mind you, but when I'm in the mood for it, I can't seem to get enough...or rather, have never found anyone who has been willing to go so far as to find my limits.

When I'm in this particular kinky mood, I love thinking about, or watching videos of women being hurt by men (being hit, raped, poked with needles, cut, etc.)

I had a previous relationship with a partner who, in communicating before we met, had said he was really into S%26amp;M. Later on in our relationship when we would play around with it, he never wanted to go as far as I did and would only slap me some, choke me (but not too tight), and would never do anything with needles (I have a thing for venipuncture). We dated for a couple of years and only played like this a half dozen times.

When I'm not sexually active or not dating anyone, I think about it a lot fact it takes up about %25-30 of my daily thoughts.

I want to be slapped hard or punched in the face and body (not just slapped around a little bit). I want to be held down and choked - cutting off all airflow. I want to be spit on. I want someone to slide a needle in my veins, or give me surface cuts with a scalpel. I want someone to pull and maybe rip out some hair. I want fingertip bruises all over my body. I want it to be rough and to hurt, and after it's over, I want someone to hold me and comfort me.

So my first question is, is this normal to be so fixated on this, and to this extreme?

Also, how do you find a partner that likes to play rough, who isn't an asshole in their normal daily life?

I just want a normal, mature guy in his 30's who is hard working, nice, will treat me well, and is dominant to a certain extent.

I know a bit about the BDSM culture, but I'm not so much into the showy things like elaborate set ups, scenes, leather (though I would be interested in being caned...). I understand hard lines and soft lines and safe words. I just don't like having to ask someone to do this for me, I want them to enjoy it too!Sex and violence: Is this normal, and how to find someone who is into the same sexual kinks as you?
First I have to ask is were you sexually abused? Do you have low self-esteem? I ask this not because I think your abnormal but because I was and I am into some of the same stuff. When I experience pain in sex it helps me stay in the moment, my mind can't wander back to the trauma of being abused and I can't think about how much I hate myself how stupid i look and so on and so forth. If you have any of these issues I suggest you talk to a counselor because if you do your fetish will like keep escalating into more dangerous things. More pain and more degradation. If you are serious about finding a partner who you don't have to explain yourself to, there are websites for people who are into the same type of things you are. There should be S%26amp;M clubs in your area if you live in a large city and there are also magazines with people looking for the same thing..usually found in adult stores. Always be careful who you pick, always have a safe word, and always use protection since you like to bleed. good luck and once again be safe.Sex and violence: Is this normal, and how to find someone who is into the same sexual kinks as you?
Okay well,

obviously we all have our own sexual kinks, but you are taking yours to the extreme. you will get extremely hurt, don't you understand!? This activity can be fun, but deffinately in moderation. Needles are not safe at all, (when used in sexual activity) and, as we should all know, we sometimes loose control during sex, and if your partner is holding a needle.... do we have to go any further?

If these violent sexual thoughts are taking over your everyday life, then there is something seriously wrong. Don't take this the wrong way, but you may need help. You could get seriously injured practising this type of thing. Why don't you try something new? Role-playing? You never know, you may find that it is more fun... and ALOT more safe than this torture thing. Also, if you like to watch ladies getting physically hurt, raped, etc, then you are not in the right place in your mind. Consider something new!
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